Artist Statement

My goal is to transform the literal into the poetic by attempting to portray what I choose to see or to imagine. In this way, I hope to capture the image of a personal reality by conveying my feelings and an individual way of seeing things, to communicate in a fresh, new language and to question the rule-driven expectations of photography. Freeman Patterson remarks that when making an image "the camera looks both ways", out into the world but also into the heart, spirit and mind of the photographer.  My images represent a personal journey of discovery about photography, nature, people, the urban environment and myself – what I see and who I am combining to form a sense of place and identity.

I am continually drawn to the patterns, textures and design of the natural and constructed world. It is here that I find the inspiration needed to create images that go beyond a depiction of reality. Learning to ‘see’ in a new way has been a process of discovery in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary as the wonder of life is revealed. This brings with it a sense of fun, of creating magical places, in making life a mystery and my journey into a creative pathway.

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